Why Do Women Indulge in Online Lingerie Shopping?

Nowadays with Internet access easily available everywhere, people prefer to do their shopping online. Women find it easier to shop through online catalogues from inner wear to shoes, handbags and other accessories. Some people who don’t have their favorite designers or brands nearby where they live especially indulge in online shopping. Lingerie has never been easier to buy than from online stores and catalogues. All one has to do is provide their credit card number and the world is at their finger tips. Online stores have a wider variety and range than normal outlets and the sizes too are easier to find and readily available.

Lingerie is one of items of clothing that women love to indulge in and are equally fussy about. Online stores have a huge variety to choose from, the materials are more, the designs are better and the sizes too can be easily found. Not every woman is blessed with perfect proportions that are easy to clothe with. Bras are one item that women can go insane over, sometimes you can’t find your size, or the cup size is wrong – too small or too big to be available, etc. There are numerous things that can drive women over the edge over an apparently simple piece of clothing – the brassiere.

This is why women prefer to do their lingerie shopping online. Most online lingerie stores have a size chart that you can choose from with different standards – USA, UK, Chinese, etc. All you have to do is like a particular piece, choose the correct size and standard, and voila, you have it at your door step at the earliest possible time frame. Another reason women love buying lingerie online is because many of the stores provide big discounts or sales when done through online transactions.

The only drawback with online lingerie shopping is that you can’t get it at the precise minute you buy it, couriering it can take a few days depending on where you reside and where you have shopped from. Panties can come in sets that are way cheaper online than buying individual ones. Sets are obviously cheaper than single stand alone pieces. You can find almost all of your favorite brands online and every one of them have an online shopping portal. Some women are too embarrassed to buy shape-wear from normal outlets; hence it’s a safe way to buy those online. Some women don’t have the courage to buy bold and sexily raucous lingerie from normal stores for fear of other people, hence online shopping is a great avenue to buy stuff with utmost privacy.

Cheap Lingerie But Crazy Shipping Prices When Shopping Online – Lingerie Dropshipper Drawbacks

Have you ever found the cutest or sexiest lingerie at a killer price only to find out shipping is more or close to the same amount as the item costs? You are not alone; there are many lingerie sites online that lure people in with great prices only to tack it on at the end when you are ready to check out. Not only is this a major let down, it is also a big waste of time.

So the big question is: Why do websites do that? You may know the obvious reason, to make money, but what you may not realize is that they are a dropshipper. If not familiar with what a lingerie dropshipper is, it is basically a site that does not carry inventory and relies on another company/warehouse to fulfill its orders. In a perfect world this would be a great deal for the business owner and not affect the lingerie recipient, but unfortunately this is not a perfect world and there are some major drawbacks when ordering from a company that dropships.

Outside of the obvious five dollar dropship fee that they tack on to the product when you are about to check out in the shopping cart which hikes up the shipping astronomically, there are other reasons why shopping with a dropshipper is not a great idea for the customer.

Problems You Can Incur If Ordering From a Lingerie Dropshipper

The most common problem that customers run into when ordering lingerie from a site that dropships is the fact that they might be ordering a product that is actually out of stock. Although some dropshippers have a feed that comes into their store, this is not always 100% reliable. Information is only as good as what is put into it; the company still relies on another to fulfill orders. This is a major hassle, especially when you were counting on the lingerie for a special event such as a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and more.

One of the most annoying and costly problems that customers run into is when they have to return a lingerie product. When ordering from a lingerie dropship company, the site you ordered from needs to request an RMA number to return the lingerie item. After that, they contact the customer, the customer sends the package back (typically at their own expense) to the warehouse where it came from. Most of the time refunds get placed on the back burner and takes a while to process. Sometimes the warehouse will refuse to give a refund and hold the order until a replacement comes in (for the times when the item was damaged). Waiting for items to get back in stock at a warehouse is also a lengthy wait more times than not. If ordering from a lingerie store that actually carries inventory, you do not have to worry about the middle man and deal straight with the source.

Another problem with returning or exchanging an item is the restocking fee. How else do you think that the lingerie website will be able to get that other item out to you and still not lose in shipping charges and more? Dealing with a lingerie store that carries inventory will usually never charge a restocking fee.

Overall, it is best to deal with a lingerie site that has been around for years, offers good prices and fair shipping rates. You will receive better customer service, faster shipping and direct answers to your questions.

Shopping Online For Exotic Lingerie

Exotic lingerie is not your typical lingerie. It is designed to bring a certain spark, a sexy look and an exotic feel to the wearer and whomever she may allow to see it. It is usually very skimpy and can be frilly or straight lined, depending upon the wearer’s taste. There is no doubt that exotic lingerie is very hot and many people truly enjoy wearing it. Men loving giving it to their wives or girlfriends and the women enjoy those twinkling eyes the men get when they see it being modeled!

Exotic lingerie has a definite sexy quality to it. There is a certain forbidden attraction that comes with the styles, cuts and designs of this type of lingerie. It is perfect for a couple that isn’t afraid to truly enjoy each other and have a little fun at the same time!

Why Shop Online for Exotic Lingerie?

Many men who choose to purchase beautiful exotic lingerie for their favorite women might be a bit embarrassed when they visit a lingerie store. They may feel uncomfortable or just don’t care to purchase lingerie in a boutique or shop. This is why shopping online for exotic lingerie is so convenient. Women, too find it easier to sit in the comfort of their own home and pick out their favorite colors, cuts and styles of lingerie.

There are many different choices when you shop online and you are not limited to what a particular boutique or shop may have in stock. You can find styles to please you and your partner that you wouldn’t normally find in your city or town. This is why more and more couples are utilizing online lingerie shops to get their favorite styles of exotic lingerie.

Tips for Buying Online –

There are a few tips that will help your experience go a bit more smoothly when you’re shopping online for exotic lingerie.

o Know the size you need. If you are shopping for your favorite woman, make sure you know exactly what size she wears. This includes hips, bust and waist size so that you can make sure the exotic lingerie is a perfect fit when you receive it.

o Only shop from reputable lingerie online stores. You want to make sure that the items you purchase are the best quality, best price and best looks that you can get. Searching for lingerie shops online can lead you to some very poor places to purchase from. Make sure you will be satisfied with your purchase.

o If purchasing a gift, buy your item in plenty of time for it to be shipped out and for you to receive it before that special occasion arrives! You certainly don’t want to be left empty handed!

When you are looking for the perfect piece of exotic lingerie for someone special or for yourself, remember the tips and ideas above. Following them as a guide will help you find what you’re looking for more easily!